Rachel double disc stud earrings

Rachel double disc stud earrings


Beautiful bold dark blue and brass earrings.

The deep blue component in these earrings is hand carved from a tagua nut*. The nut is formed using a variety of sanding processes and polished to achieve a smooth surface, the colour is achieved with textile dyes.

The tagua is hand-carved by the MYA project in Quito, Ecuador. The metal components are hand cut and polished by Hope Jewellery Fair Trade Project in Peru. The artisans earn a fair wage and have regular work as a result of their collaboration with Just Trade, a jewellery brand founded on principals of fair trade and sustainable practices. All elements are assembled at Just Trade's Peckham workshop.

*Tagua is a nut from a type of palm that grows in the South American jungle. Often known as vegetable ivory, it is a sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to animal ivory.

-  Approximate 5 cm x 4 cm.

- Silver ear posts.

- Care: Tagua is a natural, organic material. If your tagua jewellery is looking a bit dull it can be buffed up with a soft white cotton cloth. Although tagua is a fairly hardwearing material, please be aware that if you drop it onto or knock it against a hard surface it could chip. Never immerse your tagua jewellery in water as this can cause it to crack.